Run and Strike at the Viking

Event Date: 
February 13, 2018

A beautiful day in the neighborhood park for the Viking. 11 strong got stronger. The only rest we need is a good plank. Thanks MQ Stromboli for the opportunity to lead. Thank you attending Pax for letting me lead.

The workout was designed in the fashion of a brisk run between events. No rest, plank if you have to wait.

Mosey from assembly to the park parking lot.
-SSH 50 while Axel and Lonestar join.
-Toy soldier 20
-Cotton picker, or carrot picker, or soybean farmer (aren't these different names for the same exercise?!) 20
-Jump squats (touch ground) 15

The Thang
Run to wall
-Balls to wall 1min
Run to playground picnic tables
-Alternate step up in cadence 20
-Box jumps oyo 10
Run to rock pile
--Medium rocks selection
-Shoulder press time bomb/zamp from 5
--Resting position is rock overhead
Run to first track corner
-Plank for 6
-Jump squats oyo 20
Run to next corner
-Merkins ic 10
-Axel style mountain climbers ic 15
--these are where your feet go outside and fully up to your hand.
Run to next corner
-Jump squats oyo 15
Run to playground by basketball courts
-10 pullups
Run to lower gazebo
-2 laps of up and over picnic tables. Audible for safety, 20 box jumps oyo
Run back up to rock pile
-Shoulder press time bomb/zamp from 5
-Curls 15
-Bent over rows 15
Run to first corner of track again
-Plank alternations for 1min
Run to corner
-Merkins ic 10
Run to corner
-Squat jumps 20 oyo
Run to Playground
-Pullups 10
RN to rock pile
-Curl time bomb from 5. Rest is either arms straight out in front of you or Midway curl hold. (These were tough)
-Shoulder press ic 15
Rocks up
Run to assembly area

Mary, Mary, Mary!
-Crunchy Frogs as ode to Strom ic 15
-W situps (my favs) 15
-Low flutter (keep it low!) 20
-J.Lo 10
Recover recover.

2 full miles overall! Well done men!

Fescue took us out in prayer - very well done. Thank you sir!