Iron (Sharpens Iron) Cross

Event Date: 
March 26, 2020

Last minute Q grab

Today being my late Dad's birthday seemed to be a good way to honor him and get at it.  Love ya Pops!

0530ish---Disclaimer (and waiting on Clark to gear up then disrobe) and let's go



SSH (IC) x 20

Windmills (IC) x 10

Toy Soldiers (IC) x 10

Arm Circle of Pain (IC) x 10 each... lil fwd/bakurds, OH Clap, big fwd/bakurds, Seal yourself

Copperhead Squats (IC) x 10

#22 Merkins

Mosey to top of lil baby hil


In keeping with #SocialDistancing each tPAX takes a different road at the intersection.  Goal is to move for a designated period of time away from said intersection and back.  That can be walk, run, bear crawl, lunge, or whatever pleases the soul.  Come back together for an exercise, rotate to the road to your left, and repeato, repeato.

Round 1---move for 60 seconds---20 Mountain Climbers (IC) courtesy of Bertha

Round 2---move for 90 seconds---20 WW1's OYO from YHC

Round 3---move for 120 seconds---15 Mounatin Climber Merkins (IC) Mater

Round 4---move for 150 seconds---5 Burpees OYO Retread

Round 5---move for 120 seconds---10 Pistol Squats (IC) each leg Clark

Round 6---move for 90 seconds----15 Double Wide Merkins Bertha

Round 7---move for 60 seconds---13 Diamond Merkins YHC

Mosey back to the launchpad


LBC's (IC) x 15

Low Flutters (IC) x 15

Low Dolly (IC) x 15

Then around the horn...

Freddie Mercury's (IC) x 20 Bertha

American Hammers (IC) x 15 Mater

Glute Bridge walk OYO x 10 Retread

Stranded Turtles (IC) x ~15 Clark

REFLECTION while in low plank

Galations 3:26-27

"You are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus, for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ."


Prayer out---thanks Retread!


-Thanks to Mater for always pushing and leading the way.  May not have signed up (or even showed) for not his last minute Slack post.

-In keeping with the round the horn theme of today, YHC asked each PAX to share one pleasent add this quarantine season has brought in addition to one thing they miss.  Among the misses were 2nd F, Hockey, Routines, March Madness, etc.  On the flip, the PAX are connecting with their families more, enjoying a little less structure, seeing communities come together, etc.  This was a fun exercise that lead to some really good discussion.

-Truly enjoy you guys and blessed I have each of you during this time.  Do realize that some do not have this so find them and be there for someone.

-Royal Bliss Brewery opens today starting at 3 PM.  Take out food and growlers per Bertha.


Pleasure to lead and be led by you fine men.






Enjoyed the workout Hefty.  Your leadership today included creativity within the workout to maintain social distancing and a caravan up and down 16, Motion to rename SVU is Mustang North.  Okay, wait, that's just wrong......North Mustang.

Thanks for the suggestion Bertha.  In accordance with SVU bylaws, all suggested name changes must be submitted with 5 Growlers.  I submitted "THE SUV" several years ago and haven't heard back from the committee, so don't be disappointed if you don't hear back from them right away.

Nice pinwheel design with rotation. Wanted to be there, but between virus news, work stress and allergy season, I choose a fetal position in bed with covers over my head. Crazy times we're living.