Sometimes the swirl of lingo and jargon used at your average F3 workout can be a bit confusing. Like, for instance, What’s an FNG and why do people keep calling me that? (FNG stands for Friendly New Guy.)

The F3 Lake Norman Lexicon is intended to help in that regard, providing a listing of lingo, sayings, expressions, acronyms, etc., that may come in handy when reading a back blast (“A writeup of what happened on a workout”) or attempting to decipher an email from a QIC (“The leader of a given workout”).



When you take a nap while other pax are being productive citizens; normally during regular business hours.


1. To start off terribly (1/1/15)
2. To hurt oneself during an up and over exercise.


An F3er who heckles the Q about anything.  Usually, they post in packs.


Acronym for "Imperial Storm Trooper" as in how a storm trooper marched in that clunky body armor. The exercise involves locking fingers behind head and bringing elbow down to meet opposite knee to perform a standing crunch. Cadence entails 1-knee to elbow, 2-standing tall, 3-opposite knee to other elbow, 4-standing straight again.


the act of not showing up on the day you are the Q of a workout. See also JollyRogered

Monkey Humpers

An exercise involving grabbing the backs of your ankles with your hands from the inside of your legs and moving your rear end up and down in imitation of a primate pleasing his mate.


Man of the Year - This is voted on by the Board of Directors, with previous winners being Mini-Me 2013 and SweetC 2014


A lame, fake injury that requires more complaining and sitting than running. Symptoms: slower running speeds, lack of loyalty, compulsive ice cream consumption.


To tell other pax you will be at an event, but then purposely not show up.

"I told Calypso I'd meet him at Crafty's, but I never had any intention of going."