Find us everywhere

F3/Lake Norman makes use of several communication tools to keep everyone up to date and to promote fellowship. You may want to consider some of the following for keeping in touch.

  1. Twitter. Last minute information is usually provided via the F3LKN Twitter account. If two or more workouts are joining for a holiday or special event, or if you want to know who will be leading this week, you'll find this information on Twitter. If you're not yet on Twitter, we suggest creating and account using your F3 nickname (e.g. blackbeard_f3)
  2. F3Nation. This website is specifically for the Isotope region which includes Cornelius, Davidson, Denver, Huntersville, Mooresville, and Mountain Island Lake. If you are looking for other regions that have an F3 presence or if you are looking for information that is not region-specific (gear, multi-regional events, tips for beginners, etc) you may want to check the national site. You can also find links to specific information on the national site in the footer.

Once you are a registered member, you will have access to additional forms of communication from a chat app to a bi-monthly newsletter. Check our schedule and find us in the gloom!