A Birthday, Some Bells, A Whole Lotta Burpees and Ended With A Bang...Or Two

Event Date: 
February 12, 2018

Unlike my previous two Q’s, YHC was excited to see a plethora of cars in the lot and several Pax partaking in a muggy #Standard.  I will admit…I had several different ideas in my head on just how to deliver this beat down.  A theme based on my new age of 41…with a big group, a little partnering up or just a good old fashioned PLOP.  I went with the latter…and I don’t think I was liked for it…especially with someone who has his face on a “ Wanted” sign.  The mumblechatter was fast and furious and started quite early when MQ Omega asked me the size of my bell…(we are not that kind of group!)

The time had come and we made our way to the launch point with bell overhead.

No FNGs although some new faces for me.


The Pledge of Allegiance



SSH x41 IC (Already Titan and TheForce was trying to guess my Weinke) Groans ensued with the though of exercises in a 41 cadence.  I am not that sadistic!

Cotton Pickers x10 IC

IST x10 IC

Toy Soldiers x10 IC

Windmill x10 IC

Arm circles forwards and back.


1 Burpee -  with Perfect Form in Honor of Outlaw.  #PaxCheer

Curls x10 IC

2 Burpees -What???  Uh Oh…Pax now question the direction of this madness.

Shoulder Press x10 IC

3 Burpees – Reality sets in…this is going south real fast

Squat x10 IC

4 Burpees

KB Swings x10 OYO

5 Burpees

Skull Crusher x10 IC

6 Burpees

Lawn Mowers, Right and Left Arm x10 IC

7 Burpees

Upright Row x10 IC

8 Burpees

Chest Press x10 IC

9 Burpees

Russian Twist

10 Burpees

Lap around the lot

Repeat Above Exercises with decreasing burpees in between  Through 11 burpees in there for Shits and Giggles…no giggles…start down the ladder at 9.

End with Lap around lot



Low flutter x20 IC

Dying Cockroach x15 IC

W x15 IC

LBC’s x15 IC


Recover Recover



Soggy Moleskin

I certainly want to thank and I do appreciate all the Pax that came out to celebrate my birthday beat down.  Just in case you could not figure it out…we did 100 burpees today!

Anytime you get before this group…you know you are in for it when it comes to the mumblechatter.  I think everyone got there shots in at me…and Shaken.  Shaken did strip but we still never saw his V???

I got a hipcheck drive by from a certain someone during our mosey lap…and some stare downs…and numerous bang bangs…But I am sure Outlaw was excited to be there because he HC’d Omega to Q Paininsula tomorrow.

Whole lot of respect for all the RESPECTS out there!

Two self-admitted Q snafus…messed up cadence on overhead press because I could not breath…and all the Pax yelling out different letters of the alphabet…I messed up the alphabet.  And yes I would have been better singing it versus saying it.

Because Black Beard was there I want to make sure he knows…this is the official back blast of Man Maker Monday, 2/12/18!  You can rest easy now!

Thanks to Omega for the opportunity to come back to my roots and Q MMM.  Always a pleasure.

Great work everyone!

Live Life.  Own Every Second.  Never, Never Take Anything For Granted! #OneDayCloser

Humbly Yours,




Happy Birthday Olive. Looks like a solid start with a solid crew.

Thanks Ramrod. Good start for sure. Paying the price now for sure!

Hating not making it out this AM but after reading the BB my ankle thanks me. Happy B-Day Olive!

Thanks Hefty! Disclaimer allowed to modify. Saw a lot of that today. Think no less! Next test!