Throwing Rocks

Event Date: 
December 17, 2016

Pick a large rock. Carry it to the lowest field.

Throw rock forward. Walk to rock. Squat down, do Merican, pick up rock, squat up, curl rock, throw rock forward.

Repeat process for 45 minutes.


Hope the PAX didn't think I was mailing it in with this Q, if it didn't push you, you didn't pick a big enough rock. But I think everyone today was satisfied with the size they chose. Strong work by all.

Turnpike, thanks for the opportunity to lead, and hope that left arm heals up soon.

Tantrum, great form today, you have a bright future as a shotput coach.

Major Tom, congratulations on your HC to BRR 2017. I'll have my people call your people.



The moleskin was longer than the write up for the workout. More running next time, you almost killed Turnpike (and I may have once or twice with my rock too)

I have a hypothesis that all moleskins should be longer than the workout section. I'll let you know when I've reached a conclusion.

I'm pretty sure Excelsior is slated as a running workout but, since I didn't show up, I won't (and can't) complain - just an observation. As for the workout, I like the combination simplicity and difficulty. Well done.

Noted... I took the "Run with Pain Station" concept, and ran out of time for the running, fraking first pain station just took too damn long.

Reminds me of that IsoCORE workout that Hippie led many years ago. Showed up with my boot thinking we'd be stationary and work know...core. We ran instead. Nice bait and switch Ramrod. I'll be sure to attend your next running workout.