#TacoTuesday Taco Reviews: The Local

Event Date: 
February 13, 2018

The Local  -  105 E 5th Street, Uptown. 


Turncoat:  "Have I had better tacos? Sure. But for $2, they are pretty solid.  Agree on the "heavy" comment, and agree that beef gets the nod over chicken and steak. SCORE: 7.0"

Ramrod:  "Very heavy, this taco is packed to the gills with stuff.  A standard flour tortilla, nothing special there. Smokey and spicy, but more smokey. Beef is the choice meat, but they have 5 to chose from.  Biggest downside is the juice that run off from the salsa and slaw.  SCORE: 6.7"

SweetC: "SCORE: 7.75"  (No hundredths in olympic figure skating, no hundreths in #TacoTuesday Taco Reviews, this is a 7.8)

Total: 7.2


#TacoTuesday Taco Reviews, this is now a thing.  

So listen up.

Here are the rules:

#TacoTuesday Taco Reviews can occur on any day of the week.

#TacoTuesday Taco Reviews must include one beef taco.  It's the standard & our control variable.  They don't all have to be beef.

#TacoTuesday Taco Reviews must inlcude 2 or more PAX.  No solo #TacoTuesday Taco Reviews

#TacoTuesday Taco Reviews start at 11:55 am. If its uptown on a weekday, cuz crowds. If not uptown, and/or not a weekday.  You can start anytime you want.

#TacoTuesday Taco Reviews will be backblasted, or they didn't happen.

#TacoTuesday Taco Reviews rules can be amended at anytime SweetC says so, and the lawyer signs off on it.


Stay Hungry My Friends


Got questions, ask away.


Next week: 204 North Kitchen & Cocktails


(Blackbeard - Before you leave your Comz post, "#TacoTuesday Taco Reviews" needs a Workout tag, pretty please)




Too funny

Oh yea. I get credit for eating.

Sadly, this may be the first #bb I’ve made it on in 2018.... #somuchrunning

What time next Tuesday? 204 Tacos are bombogenesis.

We will be there right at noon.

I’ve been waiting for this sort of evolution in F3. As with all things in society, this too is cyclical. Bring on the fat boy renaissance and let’s eat!

#TacoTuesday Taco Bell review at approx 3am is on deck.

Can we also start a #cheesefriesfriday initiative. That’s something I can get behind.