Sound the Collision Alarm!

Event Date: 
February 13, 2018

Eleven (in my best Spinal Tap voice "It's one more than ten, you see") fast-running torpedoes gathered and got topless.  No one threw beads our way, so we jumped in the pool for an aquatic beatdown.  About 1300 yards by various estimates. 

Ye olde waterskine:

1.   Coach arrives a couple minutes late to find the entirety of our team lounging comfortably on the pool deck.  Without guidance such lounging is our default position.

2.  After some verbal harassment from coach, Kingfish dazzled the crowd with a spectacular launch off the diving board to start the day.

3.  There's a good chance Caesar gets in more vertical yardage than horizontal yardage.  Run silent, run deep.

4.  Today's drills had us breathing on our non-breathing side.  Yes, you read that right... breathing on our non-breathing side.  Survival was in question.

5.  Speaking of survival, is it really possible for two swimmers from the same team to have a mid-pool collision, going in opposite directions, in a relay race?  Yes.  Yes it is.  This is F3.

6.  After 6 years of really lame TWSS jokes, it finally happened.  That was actually what she said. 

7.  We missed Shaken... wherefore art thou Shaken?

Great morning gents!  Aye!

GG sends.