Remember that time at The Cauldron

Event Date: 
February 9, 2018

YHC came in really hot for the 4:45 agreed upon Ruck Standard.  We got going at 4:45’ish (read: 4:48).  Joining in the fun were Blackbeard, The Count, Titan, Sweet C and Little Finger.

The Force and Amen chose the run standard option and when they caught the ruckers at St. Mark – they literally ran circles around us – with The Force sporting his Tarheel gear following Thursday night’s win.

Arriving somewhere along the way during the standards was Gnarly Goat in his sweet Fire Department Tahoe.  To and fro he drove – patrolling the streets of Huntersville.  Immediately we all felt safer – especially since we all stopped playing with matches.  There was much speculation about what Goat was up to – heading to work? on his way to Odyssey? joining us for The Cauldron?  Low and behold – he would be joining us, and we would all be better for it.

Given that it is Monday morning and I am backblasting for Friday – the actual details of the workout may be a bit sketchy – but directionally this is what we did……

The Warm Up

Gather with your bells – Leave your bells – Run a lap around the parking lot.

Several of the standard warm up exercises – including, but not necessarily limited to: SSH, Carrot Pullers, Wind Mill, IST, Toy Soldiers

The Thang

Circle Up for the Kettle Bell Zampirini Time Bomb.  Bells and heads held high – Shoulder press around the horn.  5-4-3-2-1 – BOOM  When you’re not pressing, hold the bell up, arms extended.

8-count Kettle Bell Burners – In Cadence x 10

Head to a starting line conveniently created by two parked trucks – ignore the stern warning from Sweet C that touching his truck will result in bodily harm.

Sets to include Exercise 1 x 20, Mosey to Parking Lot Island and back, Repeato Exercise 1 x 20.  Mosey. Exercise 2 x 20.  Mosey.  Exercise 2 x 20.  Mosey

First set – Kettle Bell Swings and Squats

Head back to the launch pad for a curl series – Low, High, Full

Second Set – Lawn Mowers and Forward Lunges

Head to launch pad for chest press and skull crushers.

After a promise from Tagless that Odyssey would visit us – he delivered and ran through our circle.  In honor of that fly by – several of the exercises were done in a cadence of T-A-G-L-E-S-S instead of the traditional number system.  


Third Set – Upright Rows and Side Lunges

Find a partner (or two) – stand back to back – rotate passing one bell between partners.  When the spirit moves you – switch directions.

Head back to our starting line – Bear Crawl to Island with Kettle Bell in tow.  Move it along the ground by any means necessary until you get to the island.

Head back to the Launch Pad.


Exercises were done in cadence and all seemed to be real crowd pleasers, most focused on the PAX core, as MARY should.


-          There is much talk about backblasts – and although my tardiness does not support this notion, I do think they serve a purpose.  I enjoy writing and reading them.  (This was a little rough around the edges when it comes to actual details – write the BB right away.  Blackbeard will thank you.)

-          Thanks to The Count for the opportunity to lead – always good to see you my friend.

-          PSA (in the voice of Uncle Rico) – If you’ve been doing KB workouts with the same weight for a while – it’s probably time to step up to a larger bell.  You vs. You with a bigger Bell

-          Have a great weekend – oh wait, I hope you all had a great weekend.

Always an honor to be in the presence of the PAX,




just as i remembered it. And i would only inflict harm if a bell was swung near above mentioned truck. did you not see old 9 finger Force drop his bell on the iverson lunge walk.