Here hold my chubby buddha

Event Date: 
February 13, 2018

A last minute audible was called yesterday due to illness (get better @cupcake) and the keys to #TheRock (aka Chubby Buddha) fell to YHC. Somewhere late last night having scratched out a wienke, YHC settled in for a long winter nap which ended abruptly and prematurely and YHC stumbled his way to the AO. Due to the double scheduling of a run by the palmetto crew (8 runners), we wound up with only 6 total PAX to throw kettlebells (KBs) around.



20 IC SSH, 15 IC IST, 10 IC “grass catchers” (we’ll talk about these later), 10 IC Mericans, 10 IC Mountain Climbers.


The Thang(s):

Grab the KBs and curl walk to far end of parking lot, marked this territory as “the top”

10 IC military overhead press (-2 on each successive visit) and hold to a zamporini back to “the middle” for 10 single count OYO “grab your ball” presses (squeeze your KB in front of your chest and press out and back). Continue Zamporini to the other end of the parking lot as “the bottom” and do 2 IC upright rows (+2 each successive visit), curl walk back to the top stopping in the middle for “grab your ball” (some PAX only have 1.


Chuckin over to mamby pamby land:

Pair up with someone, one person farmer carry both KB around the dirt lot while the other busts out 25 OYO air squats then runs to catch up. Switch roles and continue, repeato with a round of 25 Mericans, and again with 8 x 8-count body builders. Endex and return to AO for Mary.



15 dying cockroach

10 low flutter

15 mason twists

30 LBC

Recover recover



  • YHC needs some remedial work on counting and may post sans shoes to make it easier next time
  • WD Nymph?, WB Hurdle (who is now 27, happy birthday!)
  • Continued prayers for plinko family
  • Prayers for a healthy cupcake
  • Habitat build on Saturday, online sign up
  • I am s#$!canning the “grass catcher” which is a mix of cotton pickers and wind mills requiring a high degree of coordination and flexibility (neither of which occur in tandem in many race city PAX) also putting an inordinate amount of impingement on the lower back.  No thanks F3Charleston you can keep this one
  • Are you prepared to take on your Jester? (See Dredd post Q1.4 for explanation)
  • Lear joined us for coffeeteria as well