F3 Gears Lake Norman: Bike MS Tour of Tanglewood

September 22, 2018 (All day)

SIGN UP HERE: http://main.nationalmssociety.org/site/TR/Bike/NCTBikeEvents?team_id=540...

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Our goal—a world free of MS.

For the third year running F3 Lake Norman is fielding a team for Bike MS: Tour of Tanglewood — an epic fundraising ride that is changing the lives of people affected by MS and helping progress toward a world free of MS.  Our team is open to all F3 men, regardless of region, sub region, or nether region. We field several riding groups covering a range of distances, speeds, and terrain (road and trail).  There's a group for everyone!  We also produce a memorable weekend around the event filled with BBQ and 2nd F activites. Email Devo (Will Keible) at [email protected] with questions about joing the F3 Gears team.  

2018 marks the third official year of F3 Gears' participation in Bike MS.  And, like everything we do under the banner of F3, we'll go the distance for MS.  Tour of Tanglewood is the ultimate CSAUP, but unlike other CSAUP's, this one isn't pointless.  In just two years, F3 Gears Lake Norman has raised more than $43,000 for the National MS Society. In 2018, we've set our goal at $50,000. To reach this goal, we need more men from F3 Lake Norman to hop on board with this worthy endeavor.  So get off your ass, get your 3rd F on and join our team. 

2016 - 10 riders, $14,007 raised

2017 - 20 riders, $29,080 raised

2018 - Goal of $50,000.  44 guys have signed up as of 2/4.  

Don't let the $300 fundraising minimum scare you.  Every guy who's particpated in the last two years has blow past that.  It's easier than a workout Q'd by Duvall (sorry, Duvall, you're the most universally known).  Most guys pass $1,000, which by the way, earns you all the FREE BEER you can drink, provided by Foothills.  

Location:  Clemmons, NC (near Winston-Salem).  The ride begins and ends in Tanglewood Park

Date: Saturday, September 22nd.  That's the day of the big ride.  How much time you spend in Clemmons is up to you.  Many guys drive up on Friday and stay overnight until Sunday.  We hold a 2nd F dinner on Friday and huge BBQ blowout post ride Saturday evening.  There's an optional ride on Sunday, but many guys leave town early. 

Lodging:  Join in our fun or do your own thang.  In 2016 and 2017 we rented big houses for the team.  We'll do the same again in 2018.  We'll need to add a house or two in 2018 - we're already at 44 guys.  Usually works out to about $75-$100 per guy for the entire weekend. 

Transportation:  clown cars loaded with bikes.  what esle is there to say?  

This ride is for any guy in F3 who owns a bike.  It doesn't matter if it's a road bike, hybrid, or mountain bike.  It doesn't matter how experienced or inexperienced you are.  This is a supported ride (rest stops, sag wagon) for cyclists of all levels.  You can challenge yourself to ride 30, 50, 75, or 100 miles.  Modify as necessary.  All that really matters is that you sign up.  

To sign up, go here: http://main.nationalmssociety.org/site/TR/Bike/NCTBikeEvents?team_id=540...

Click on JOIN TEAM. Search for F3 Gears. 



Devo (Willy Keible)

Bike MS Q

[email protected], 704-728-9401