Car Safe Discount for F3 at Hyatt Gun Store

Hyatt Guns
August 1, 2019 (All day)

Car Safe Discount for F3 at Hyatt Gun Store


Have you ever posted at a workout and worried that even though you locked your car and hid your keys, some bad guy could still break into your car and steal your stuff?  I recently purchased an under-the-seat safe for my car at Hyatt Guns.  I told the Hyatt sales staff about F3 and asked whether they would be willing to offer F3 a group discount on 3 models of their car “nano” safes manufactured by a company called GunVault.  Hyatt said yes, and for a limited time will give any F3 man a very healthy discount on these safes:


GunVault Nano 100 (Small with Key Lock) - $20.99

GunVault Nano 200 (Large with key Lock) - $24.99

GunVault Nano 300 (Large with Combo Lock) - $25.99


I personally own the “Nano 300” and it is really nice.  Follow this link for more information about each of the three Nano safes.


Nano safes are useful for not just handguns, but for securing wallets, cell phones, etc.  (However, if you carry a handgun and do not also own a safe for your car, shame on you – this is your opportunity to fix that).  These safes are great for cars, under your bed, at the office, for travel, and make a thoughtful gift (but not for your wife – get her something sparkly, ok?).


What do you need to do to receive the discount?  Nothing.  Just tell the staff in the safes department you are with F3 and you get the discount.